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Lord of the Rings – the musical

June 25th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Music · 3 Comments · Music

I had to check that it was not April 1st when I read in the paper the other day that Lord of the Rings is to be made into a musical. Or rather, it already has been made into a musical in Canada, but is being transferred to London.

I would like to think that the old Chas & Dave song Rabbit has been adapted for the show… “Hobbit, hobbit, hobbit, hobbit… etc.” At the very least Sophie Ellis Bextor’s song ‘Mordor on the Dance Floor’ should feature somewhere.


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  • Paul Burgin

    I know that it must be endorsed by the Tolkein estate, but why do I have the feeling that Tolkein must be spinning in his grave over this!

  • Andrew

    It is surprisingly difficult to think of Tolkein-related song puns. The best I can come up with is ‘wraith, rattle and roll’. I take my hat off to you.

  • Skuds

    I had also thought about a version of the Pipkins’ 1970 hit….

    “Gimme dat ring, gimme dat, gimme gimme dat
    gimme dat ring gimme dat, gimme gimme dat” etc. etc.

    Or some variation of ‘Begin the Beguine’ (Begin the Baggins?)