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Its all “I” on blogs isn’t it?

May 27th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 2 Comments · Life

Having been tagged by the timelord, I suppose I am honour-bound to make an attempt at this meme where you have to complete all these statements. I would rather not, but lets have a crack anyway…

I am older than I feel

I want Pink Floyd to get back together for one last tour

I wish West Ham had held it together for just another 4 minutes in the FA Cup final…

I hate commuting

I love change. Without change there can be no improvement.

I miss the 80’s

I fear spiders

I hear more than I tell

I wonder what its like to be a bird. The flapping looks like hard work, but the gliding looks fun.

I regret disconnecting my turntable and putting all my vinyl in the loft

I am not good with children

I dance like a frog in a blender, according to the Mrs.

I sing even when I don’t know all the words

I cry too easily, but try to hide it

I make my own vinaigrette, but still consider myself working class. Go figure.

I write to keep my mind active, and to justify my large collection of dictionaries

I confuse my family

I need more sleep than I get

I should give up smoking

I start DIY projects which are way beyond my competence

I finish with a flourish

I tag Danivon, Richard (because he hasn’t put anything on his blog for a year)

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